Address:Xiayangdi Industrial Zone, Xianju, Zhejiang




Zhejiang popular thespace parts Co., LTD is located in beautiful national scenic spots-zhejiang xianju, is a joint-stock enterprise, at present, the company covers an area of 30,000 square meters, with a construction area of more than 20,000 square meters, more than 500 employees, managers and technical personnel more than 50 people, existing fixed assets of 80 million yuan, is engaged in automotive plastic composite products and seal of professional production enterprise.
Currently USES refining sulfide production line, microwave, plastic extrusion line, plastic production line, electrostatic flocking automatic production line, plastic rubber compound pressure, EPDM composite window, in line, slide, hose.
Using reliable quality of production material, according to the international production specification, produce all kinds of cars with reliable quality and other rubber seal components. Basically has the following five kinds of products: (one), auto seal, intensive, sponge foam, flocking, three, four, multiple compound soft compound; etc. (2), plastic composite products, in door window compound slide, etc; the assembly, (3) rubber parts, (4), plastic products, (5), vehicle hose.
The company pays attention to the technological strength and strengthen the development of new products. Technical personnel and operator has rich manufacturing experience, regardless of rubber production line, automatic production line, or compound window in the slippery course of automatic production line and other lines of production operating process can be competent. Strong technical strength for the development of new products with the condition, the successful development of slippery course, such products and rely on imports of history, The successful development of plastic compound window, fills domestic blank. The company not only has the development of vehicle seal and other auto parts ability and strength, but also has the independent manufacturing machinery equipment and tooling capacity. The master and advanced technology for product quality, provide a powerful guarantee.
Since 1997, popular thespace people to "pursue outstanding, create brilliance" for untiring pursuit goal, to promote the economic development of national industries for sacred mission to product innovation, technological innovation as a means to develop domestic and international market, the strict scientific management, quality, win the confidence of the masses of users. The company successively and faw group, Shanghai, nanjing, chongqing changan group, changan, hebeichangan, jiangxi changhe, hefei changhe, hafei, nac, cobolli gigli dozen etc famous domestic manufacturers to establish a long-term friendly cooperative relationship, while the matching products are exported to America, Europe, southeast Asia, and other countries.
Company in February 2000 through the agency QS9000:1998 quality management system certification, March 2005 through ISO/TS16949 quality system, quality management, scientific and systematic progressively. Since then, the high quality human resources and advanced testing equipment, guarantee the company development needs. More than 200 million yuan from creating annual output to 2004 and 7000 yuan, high-speed growth in the market, establish a good reputation and fame.
Welcome Chinese and foreign guests to zhejiang popular thespace auto parts Co., LTD, guest! New Prosperity
With the "quality first, consumers supreme"attitude and the ambition to realize scale-economy, in pursrit of diversified and high quality products, Zhejiang Xingyu Co.,Ltd. invested more than 30 million Yuan to launth three microwave curing extrusion production lines and one internal mixing production line,introduced over 30 automatic compound appliers, constructed a standardized workshop of 16,000 square meters. These improvements have equipped the company with production capacity of 20 million meters of seal strips per year.