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Mid Autumn Festival brings warm activities

Announcer:    Time:2017-09-30

      Once a year the Mid Autumn Festival is approaching, in order to thank all the staff of the development of the company to make unremitting efforts to reflect the company's people-oriented concept and the cadres and workers of the care, so that we feel the thick atmosphere of the festival, happy work, happy life, the company has carried out the mid autumn warmth activities, 1397 moon cake and rice to everyone's hands.

      In this event, the trade union leadership cadres visited Zhao total rate of new and old staff representatives, thanking them for their contribution to the company, as well as what they encountered in life's difficulties, Zhao said the company will be as in the past with the support of staff, effectively help employees solve difficulties and problems encountered in the work in life, and hope that they will continue to support the development of the company, for the development of the company to make a positive contribution.

      It is a fine tradition of the company to give warm activities during the Mid-Autumn festival. Warmth activities, let staff deeply feel the humanistic care, arouse their gratitude, enhance the team's cohesion and sense of belonging, inspire people with more enthusiasm to join the company, the production and development of.