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The export situation of automobile parts is grim, the decline will be the normal state.

Announcer:    Time:2015-10-31

According to the prospective database data, the export amount of automobile parts in China in February 2017 is us $ 27.57 yi, which decrease % % in the same month.


The following is the statistics of the export amount of China's automobile parts in January 2016 - 2017:



In 2016, although the world economic growth overall weak, but export enterprises have also promoted product quality and strengthen product marketing, while overseas m & a efforts. Therefore, the export amount of automobile parts in China decreased compared with the same period. In 2017, the world economic development environment is still changing, the number and amount of vehicle engine is expected to be the same, in which diesel engine may still fall, the tire export situation is grim, the export of automobile parts will further decline, the balance may be the most optimistic estimate.