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In 2015, the demand market of China's automobile seal is about 18 billion yuan.

Announcer:xingyu    Time:2015-10-31

    After the financial crisis, the automobile market in China won the growth of Explosive, with the gradual improvement of the per capita disposable income.

    From the per capita car ownership, China's automobile consumption has a greater growth space. At present, the car ownership in China is only 101 / 1000, only half of the world average. Considering the large population of China, with the increase of per capita ownership, automobile consumption has a greater space. in the medium and long term, the car will continue into the family, and the car will continue to enter the family. China's automobile market will continue to maintain prosperity, so as to provide a huge development space for the automotive rubber seal market.

    Automobile rubber products is an indispensable part of automobile parts industry. the future development with the development of automobile industry in China, has basically achieved localization. The domestic automobile parts market, according to the tightness of supplier and complete vehicle supplier, can be divided into the supplier of complete vehicle matching directly with main engine plants, that is first-tier supplier; Through the primary supplier indirect and main engine plants to the secondary suppliers. With the gradual shift of mainframe factory to modular production, the supply of spare parts is dominated by secondary suppliers. The sunroof weatherstrip, windshield seal supplier is a secondary supplier, and the entire vehicle seal is a first-class supplier.

    China's automotive production and demand is in a steady development, it will greatly drive the automobile rubber sealing strip. The price of the rubber seal of general passenger car is in yuan / vehicle, in terms of 650 yuan / standard, the price of commercial vehicle needs to use sealed tiaozhengtao accessories price per 950 yuan / car. the market capacity of automotive sealing strip in China will reach billion yuan, 177 yi yuan and billion yuan in 2014.